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A Zoom Zero-Turn is the ideal choice for those looking to mow a
large lawn quickly. A typical ride-on mows at speeds of between
4.8-6.4kph (3-4mph). The Zoom can mow twice as fast with no loss of
performance. At the end of each pass, it can also turn 180 in its own
footprint, ready for cutting the next row.

The smaller and more compact Zoom34 is perfect for gardens with
limited access. The welded steel chassis is built to a commercial
specification, and the 12-gauge, stamped XLerator deck is uniquely
designed to improve cutting performance. Zooms are available with an
optional conversion kit which transforms the Zoom into a high
performance mulcher

34 Sit-on Mower Zero Turn

The Zero Turn riding mower provides exceptional cutting performance
for an outstanding value. The Zoom is an ideal option for homeowners
looking to cut a large yard in up to half the time.

Features include

  • Rear Bumper designed to accept multiple attachments and accessories
  • Lower centre of gravity to enhance stability
  • Fully adjustable control arms
  • Dual foot rest zone, to accommodate operators of various heights

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