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When it comes to commercial grade brushcutters, lots of cutting power usually requires a larger engine, which, in turn, means a heavier machine and reduced fuel efficiency. ECHO, however, is not a company which is keen on compromise. As such, the machines in ECHO’s range of High Torque brushcutters have been specially developed to combine a compact and lightweight design with outstanding performance, thus offering the ideal balance between mobility, convenience, and sheer power.

The SRM-3020TESU, for example, is built with a 30.5cc two-stroke petrol engine at its heart, but with ECHO’s High Torque system and a gear reduction ratio of 1:2.07, it is nevertheless capable of offering up to 50% more cutting power than previous models. Were this not enough, Power Boost Tornado technology™ is used to help further increase power output while also lowering noise, vibration and emission levels, and a tough, chrome-plated engine cylinder works to reduce wear and provide an extended service life.

Supplied as standard with both an efficient ‘Tap & Go’ dual nylon line trimmer head, the SRM-3020TESU is also impressively versatile. The trimmer head is precise enough to be used for neatening lawn edges and borders, yet also efficient enough to be used for cutting larger patches of long grass (especially on verges and in other areas inaccessible to most conventional lawnmowers). The semi-automatic ‘Tap & Go’ line feed system, meanwhile, further improves efficiency by allowing you to advance the nylon cutting line by simply tapping the trimmer head against the ground.

Equipped with an ergonomically designed U-style handlebar, the SRM-3020TESU is also pleasingly comfortable and easy to use; all controls are conveniently located on one handle, thus ensuring ease of access at all times, while the dual-handlebar design places the cutting head at the centre of the user’s body for increased freedom of movement and an optimal working position. For even greater convenience, the SRM-3020TESU also features digitally controlled discharge ignition to ensure quick starting, as well as an Easy Start system which reduces the starter cord resistance by up to 75%.

This outstanding convenience, along with the reduced vibration levels provided by the design of the engine and handlebars, helps ensure that the SRM-3020TESU is safe and user-friendly even over extended periods of operation, making this excellent brushcutter ideal for all commercial grass cutting applications.

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