RME 235.0 (GB) Lawnmower

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RME 235.0 (GB) Lawnmower

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The Stihl RME 235 Electric Lawnmower is an easy to operate, highly reliable mower for small gardens. Whether this you mow impressive narrow stripes in your lawn or a quick trip around your front garden, this machine is built for quick and simple use.

  • Extremely quiet and lightweight,
  • Best suited for lawns up to 300 m²,
  • 30-litre grass catcher box,
  • A cutting width of 33 cm,
  • 5-year domestic warranty.

An electric mower you can depend on from Stihl

It doesn’t matter if your lawn is large or small, where grass grows it needs cutting. This Stihl RME235 is a highly efficient electric mower for maintaining the perfect green.

It’s handy to pop out from storage when you need it and gives professional results. With the Stihl range, you get years of experience and innovation in mower design. Don’t let the low price fool you into thinking this is a low-grade product, this is a premium gardening lawn mower.

Simple but comfortable operation with expert results.

From the moment you plug the Stihl RME 235 in, that sense of robustness can be felt. A gentle pull of the safety lever and the quiet electric motor bursts into life, virtually vibration-free. As you push the electric mower across the lawn on its purpose-built smooth wheels, you can feel the machine stay true to its line. Additionally, the lightness of the mower (just 14kg in weight) helps you manoeuvre the lawnmower over even the bumpiest of ground.

Now you would expect there to be fewer features for the lightest mower in the Stihl range, but that’s untrue. There has been no sacrifice of equipment for lowering the weight. For instance, the handlebar is fully adjustable to ensure optimal mowing stance for the user. Not only does this reduce back strain, but it also allows the electric mower to fold up for compact storage and transport. Tight turns are a doddle too, the ergonomic design suits any hand position allowing effortless agility across the lawn.

Superior cutting technology

Built into the light but strong polymer housing is highlift blades, which are designed to give the precise finish to your lawn and ensure maximum filling of the grass catcher box. As the blades spin, they create a vortex of air current which stands the grass up ready for cutting. Furthermore, the force of air it produces pushes the grass clipping into the 30L grass catcher.

That being said, the grass clippings box is easy to remove and empty. Visible from the outside, a level indicator will show you when it’s full and time to empty. Simply lift the box out with the large grip handle, empty your grass cuttings, replace and continue.

Finally, to achieve those brilliant stripes across your lawn, you will need a cutting height adjuster. Fortunately, the Stihl RME 235 corded electric mower comes with five cutting settings, between 25mm and 65mm. Using the spring-loaded central height system, just pop the mower to the desired height with help from the indicator scale.

Technical Information

  • Lawns: 300 m²
  • Cutting width: 33 cm
  • Cutting height:: 5-settings (central)
  • Cutting height: 25-65 millimetres
  • Nominal output: 1200 Watts
  • Grass box capacity: 30 Litres
  • Weight: 14 kilograms
  • Guaranteed sound power level: 93 dB(A)
  • Vibration value: 1.4 m/s²

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